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Do you teach a student who has comprehension difficulties, has difficulty following instructions or may constantly interrupt others?

These are only but a few of the many Learning Traits students may display in your classroom on a daily basis.

Teaching in an inclusive classroom is an exhilarating challenge for even the most experienced professional. A variety of learning materials and teaching strategies can be tailored to accommodate all students with a little forward planning. The essential ingredient of success in the comprehensive environment is an appreciation of the learning profiles of all students in our care.

Teaching For Inclusion offers practical suggestions for preparing and delivering an appropriate and engaging curriculum.

General suggestions are provided for:

Student Profile Builder

This interactive tool allows the educator to select a series of specific Learning Traits in the domains of: Academic, Behaviour, Communication and Development. Once selected, an Individualised Planning Document is created for the student. This document can be previewed in your browser or downloaded as a PDF.

This interactive tool will allow the educator to clearly record the student's current learning needs and create a checklist with suggestions on how to cater to these needs. It can also be used intermittently to track the student's progress and development.

What's Included

The package consists of three sections:

How to Use It

This resource is a useful foundation on which to build a professional toolkit for the inclusive teaching experience.


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