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What is it?

Expressive language disorder means a child has difficulty conveying information in speech, writing, or communication. Expressive language disorder means a child has difficulty with verbal and written expression. They have difficulties with the grammatical aspect of language and produce significantly less complexity than their age peers.

What causes it?

Expressive language disorder can be a developmental (from birth) or acquired impairment. An acquired impairment occurs after a period of normal development. Language impairment may also be associated with other developmental disabilities.


There is evidence of a genetic link across generations. Approximately 1 in 10 children will show signs of expressive language impairment or difficulty.

Medical Considerations

Language difficulties are frequently diagnosed and treated by speech pathologists. Recommendations may be available for classroom interventions. It may also be necessary to have a hearing assessment and evaluation of cognitive functioning.


Children reach language milestones at different times, but most catch up to their peers. Children who continue to have difficulty with verbal expression may be diagnosed with expressive language disorder or another language impairment.

Such children may exhibit problems with:

In some cases, expressive language problems are related to Down Syndrome, autism or hearing loss. This difficulty may also be in conjunction with receptive language problems.


Group and individual sessions with a speech pathologist may be recommended. Assistance from the school’s Learning Support Team and SLSOs in the classroom may be beneficial.

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