Collaborative peer activities / Jigsaw Activities

Collaborative peer activities / Jigsaw Activities · Lesson Ideas

Allocating students to groups according to individual strengths and abilities has merit. Teachers facilitate and monitor progress while ensuring that each student is an active participant in the process.

The benefits of group work for students with special needs include:

It is important to understand the learning profiles of your students when assigning groups. Make sure that the work is within capabilities and that students have been set up for success. Frequent monitoring and regular praise are effective tools.

Assigning group membership and specific roles is crucial to overall success. Options should be tailored to student strengths and may include such roles as:

Students may naturally suggest their own role based on personal strengths and rapport.

JIGSAW STRATEGIES: Similar to cooperative learning, but each person becomes the ‘expert’ in a small area. Each person’s part is valued and important. Students may present in a way which is most comfortable.