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What is it?

Asperger’s Syndrome is a social and communication disorder usually present with average to above average IQ. Students may have difficulties with social understanding, communication and rigid thinking.

What causes it?

Some studies show structural differences in the brains of students with Asperger’s. A strong genetic component may also be a contributing factor.


The occurrence has been estimated as high as 1 in 40 children. The ratio of boys to girls is 7:1

Medical Considerations

The diagnosis of Asperger’s includes a developmental screening and a comprehensive team evaluation by a neurologist, psychologist, speech/language pathologist, and other related professionals. The assessments look at neurology and genetics, cognitive ability and language, learning styles, and personal skills.


These individuals often have difficulty understanding and using nonverbal cues for social interactions. Other characteristics include:


A treatment program may include:

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